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Award Winners

Best of Blood and Thunder

Each year, one entry from each category: Prose, Visual Arts, and Poetry, is selected as the best entry of its type for that issue. Selection criteria includes how well the work demonstrates common themes or experiences in health care and the overall quality of the work. Winners will be selected from the accepted works in each category for each issue.

Major C.W. Ouffut Award

In 2002, the Veterans Administration Medical Center on the OU Health Sciences Center campus instituted a new award for medical students, the Major C.W. Offutt Award.  This award is designed to promote care, humanism, and understanding of people who have given a portion of their lives in the service of our country in one of the military services and who are now receiving medical care from the Veterans Healthcare Administration.  The award is given on the basis of a paper written about the meaning students derived from taking care of America’s Servicemen and Servicewomen.

2021 Winners

Book Cover Winner: "Viral Load" painting series, studio view, versions 1-10 by Suzette Marie Martin

Best of Visual Art: "Viral Load" painting series, studio view, versions 1-10 by Suzette Marie Martin

Best of Poetry:  "My Last Day" by J.C. Cordova

Prose: "Midder" by John Graham-Pole

2020 Winners

Book Cover Winner: Untitled by Gavisha Waidyaratne

Best of Visual Art: Untitled by Gavisha Waidyaratne

Best of Poetry:  "The Words Were Always There" by Rachel Mallalieu

Best of Prose:  "The End of Pain" by J. David Liss. 

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: N/A

2017 Winners

Book Cover Winner: "Lumbar" by Kelsey M.

Best of Visual Art: "Dopamine" by Joni W.

Best of Poetry:  "Riddle of the Open Heart" by Vincent C.

Best of Prose:  "A Gift" by Michael P.

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: N/A\

2016 Winners

Book Cover Winner: "Axial" by Kelsey M.

Best of Visual Art:  "Up Close & Uncaged" by Paige N.

Best of Poetry: "Death Notification" by Rachel M.

Best of Prose:  "I See You" by Gloria H.

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: N/A

2015 WInners

Book Cover Winner: "Grace" by Ryan O'Meilia

Best of Visual Art: "Grace" by Ryan O'Meilia

Best of Poetry:  "Tuberculosis" by Alex Greenberg

Best of Prose:  "The Easy One" by Amanda Moon

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: N/A

2014 Winners

Book Cover Winner: "Ovarian Cyst Rupture" by June Nissinen. Featured in our Online Gallery.

Best of Visual Art: "If You Only Knew" by Alyssa Logsdon. Featured in our Online Gallery.

Best of Poetry: "Late Night Thoughts in the Hospital" by Julie Cyr. Featured in our Online Gallery.

Best of Prose: "It" by Genevieve Wong. Featured in our Online Gallery.

Major C.W. Ouffut Awar: N/A

2013 Winners

Book Cover Winner: “18 Gauge De Stijl” by Brett Stout

Best of Visual Art: “Let it Be Me” by Alyssa Logsdon, MSIII

Best of Poetry: “The Cork” by Ethel Durica

Best of Prose:  “Tree Cutting” by Mario Garcia, M.A.

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: “Separate Battles” Sarah Petty, MSIV

2012 Winners

Book Cover Winner: “Diagnosis in Stasis” Robert Ferrier

Best of Visual Art:  Information is unknown at this time…

Best of Poetry: “This is how I want to die” Dane Kuttler

Best of Prose: “Snow Week” Calla Devlin

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: Information is unknown at this time…

2011 Winners

Book Cover Winner:  “Spinal Fusion C6-C7” June Nissinen

Best of Visual Art:  “Spinal Fusion C6-C7” June Nissinen

Best of Poetry: “Clinical Colors” Jenna Rindo

Best of Prose:  “Stutter” Jake Wolf

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: N/A

2010 Winners

Book Cover Winner: “Mind Dementia” June Nissinen

Best of Visual Art: Information is unknown at this time…

Best of Poetry: “H&P Haiku: An annotated Lesson from three points of view” Steve Orwig, MD

Best of Prose: “Transient Change” Nathan Brooks, MSII

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: N/A

2009 Winners

Book Cover Winner: “Dementia Decline and Loss” Kathleen Gunton

Best of Visual Art: “Unbroken” M.J. Alexander

Best of Poetry: “A Real Life Fictional Hero” Adel A.M. Khan

Best of Prose: “My Husband the Heart Surgeon” Susan Fedynak

Major C.W. Ouffut Award: N/A